About The Server

play.itsmeow.dev or PIDMC is a 1.15.2 semi-vanilla survival server aimed at improvement based on the community's needs and feedback. We aim to make the best experience possible in order to keep our players having fun. its_meow, the owner, is an experienced developer of Minecraft mods and plugins, meaning that the server can be improved more directly towards a vision through development, no middle-man.


  • 8 core Intel Xeon processor @ 2.2 GHz (primary bottleneck)
  • 30GB RAM
  • 800GB SSD
  • 600 Mbit/s port
The server costs around $20/mo, and as of current lacks hardware to support itself fully. If you want to help fund the purchase of improved hardware, please donate as I have no way of funding it fully myself.


PIDMC has multiple servers within the network. As of currently, there is a survival, creative, and hub server. You can view the pages for these individually via the navbar.




Owner of the server, set up pretty much everything on the server, made this website, configured a lot of plugins, wrote multiple plugins for the server. Busy dude.



My girlfriend, she's awesome so I gave her staff. Yes, that's the only reason. Goodbye. She's also really good at building and probably built most of the builds you see on the server :)

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